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Skin cancer detection


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Digital monitoring of moles


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Surgical treatment of skin cancer


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Medical treatment of skin cancer






+ Excision

Excision is the best treatment for the majority of skin cancers, including melanoma.

The process involves surgical removal of the entire block of skin cancer, in addition to a healthy margin of normal skin beside and around the skin cancer. It is performed under local anaesthetic and repaired with stitches.

We position the scar to correspond with natural skin creases and wrinkles, ensuring it blends with the surrounding skin over time.

Most excisions can be undertaken inhouse. Patients are generally able to drive home and go to work the following day – although we will inform you if this is not the case.

Should you receive this treatment, you will need to follow up with your doctor 7-14 days after the procedure for removal of stitches.


+ Curettage

This traditional treatment is highly effective on many superficial skin cancers.

The process involves scraping the skin cancer away, then allowing the resulting ulcer to heal from underneath. We perform under local anaesthetic, and patients do not require stitches.

Should you receive this treatment, a Band-Aid style dressing will be applied. Leave this on for approximately two days, then remove, wash, dry and reapply a fresh bandage. This process should be repeated every day until a scab forms.

The wound will usually heal with a flat pink or white scar. We do not generally apply this technique to the face, or on melanomas.

+ Cryosurgery

Cryosurgery – also known as cryotherapy – applies liquid nitrogen directly to the skin. The extremely cold temperature destroys abnormal skin cells, effectively freezing the abnormality off.

Treatment will sting for a few seconds, and remain itchy a few minutes after. During this period, a small blister will develop. This blister is normal, and usually heals over the following days or weeks – depending on the body site and freeze time.

Cryosurgery does not necessarily require anaesthetic, and can be used to treat most sunspots, and some superficial skin cancers. Cosmetic impact is generally minor.


Skin cancer accounts for 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers?

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